Why glue works better than nails in installing baseboards and trims

Our mouldings have many advantages. We offer products with quality finish and an easier and safer installation process.

During the IBS event 2018, we had a splendid opportunity to understand better our customers needs.
One of the frequently asked questions was “How is Santa Luzia Mouldings different from others?”

Allow us to share the answer with you here. Our polystyrene (Styrofoam) mouldings have more variety of features than wood mouldings or PVC mouldings, such as sustainability, rigidity, mold-resistance, water-proofness etc. But here we would like to talk about a different feature. It addresses an important issue that customers face: Installation.

For a long time, the only way to fix mouldings was by using nails. And we all know that installing the baseboards, trims and crown moldings using nails is definitely not an easy task. The work demands precision and if you happen to lose your focus for even a moment, the hammer goes “bam” right on your fingers. The process also requires finishing by sanding and painting over.

Our mouldings come with their own advantages here. They can be placed on to the wall simply by using a double-sided silicon tape. It’s faster, safer and more precise. It doesn’t leave unwanted gaps.

Simple installation Santa Luzia Mouldings with double-side


You can use double sided instead of nails for a simple installation of Santa Luzia Mouldings.

Simple installation of Santa Luzia Mouldings with adhesive


Adhesive is recommended for better fixation along the wall.

Simple finish of Santa Luzia Mouldings with caulk


For a perfect finish, you can caulk between the wall and the moulding or at the joining of the bars.

We understand that for builders and remodelers, it might be of great importance to save time during the installation work.

And we care for our DIY consumers too. We wish to make installation an easier and a safer activity that does not involve nails so that you can also let your kids roam around the home freely with zero worries.

Regardless of whether you are a builder, remodeler or an end-consumer, we feel that choosing polystyrene mouldings is a wise choice if you are looking toward quality finish and avoiding maintenance issues.

Easy install

Watch our video on how to install Santa Luzia Baseboard in Drywall and see how easy it is.

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