6 creative applications with baseboards, trims, door casings and crown moldings.

Get inspired by good ideas for transforming living areas.
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Who doesn’t love a good idea? When building or remodeling, gathering the greatest number of references facilitates choosing materials and applications, whether reproducing that perfect balcony or adding a touch to an original idea. Get inspired by six applications from Santa Luzia products that escape the ordinary:

1 – Application of Boiseries on furniture

Project Majó architecture | Photograph Rafael Cautella
Project Majó architecture | Photograph Rafael Cautella

Who said a boiserie only suited walls and doors? It is very welcome on furniture like cabinets and cupboards, creating frames around handles and mirrors as in these designs. Santa Luzia offers selections of boiseries ready from the factory in four styles or as trim measuring up to 8 ft in length for layouts of your choice.

2 – Crowning or entries in walkways

Designer Maria Raquel Damiani - Arc. Josiane Flores - Photo Lio Simas
Designer Maria Raquel Damiani - Arc. Josiane Flores - Photo Lio Simas

Common to facades of houses and buildings, crownings give a classic finish to interior moulds, like on this entryway to the balcony. With different options of profiles and ornaments manufactured from baseboards, door casings and crowning, Santa Luzia offers many possibilities for personalizing internal living spaces.

3 – Panels and stands

Arc. Project Marilla Kury and Paula Kury
Project Arc.: Angela Souza
Project Arc.: Angela Souza

These projects took the door casing from the Aluminum Line to create wall panels and stands with a geometric appeal and unique elegance for the finishing. The variety of tones and colors can be further enhanced by the use of direct lightning.

4 – Decks and flooring

Project Arq Costa Marques | Photo Rafael Renzo
Project Arq Costa Marques | Photo Rafael Renzo
Project Arq Costa Marques | Photo Rafael Renzo

Using Santa Luzia’s Ecodeck, this project panels the floor and the base of the bench in the background, taking advantage of the same material and extending the visual warmth of the space. Another great option for internal, external and coastal areas are Ecotablado and Ecopallet, since they can withstand direct solar radiation and humidity without deforming or weakening.

5 – Slat effect on ceilings gives a whole new meaning to the use of Santa Luzia baseboards

Project Guilherme Lopes Black | Photo Eduardo Liotti
Project Guilherme Lopes Black | Photo Eduardo Liotti
Project Guilherme Lopes Black | Photo Eduardo Liotti

Our baseboards from the Black Line were applied to the ceiling in this space to give the tray ceiling a threaded detail common to pergolas. The application by the professional not only created a highlight in the project, but also allowed for different combination options for lightings and hangings.

6 – Wainscots using Baseboards

santa-luiza-maria-raquel-damiani-arq-josiane-flores-foto-lio-simas (1)
Arc. Josiane Flores photo Lio Simas
santa-luiza-maria-raquel-damiani-arq-josiane-flores-foto-lio-simas (2)
Arc. Josiane Flores Photo Lio Simas

Our baseboards can also be used as wainscots. Several baseboards and trimmings from Santa Luzia possess characteristics that favor this type of finish. One example is the 464 RP/BR baseboard, since its design is similar to traditional wooden wainscot. They arrive ready with a painted finish and can be painted according to the taste of the client. As the baseboards are produced by polystyrene recycling, they are water resistant, immune to termites and mold – aside from being 100% sustainable.


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