Circular Economy – How does Santa Luzia Generate Positive Environmental Impact?

Check out Santa Luzia short Motion Graphics Video on how we apply Circular Economy

Circular Economy is a concept that has been widely regarded as a better alternative to the current economic model: the linear model. This new model proposes that materials must have long life cycles: products that last longer and are still useful at the end of a cycle should be recycled and reused. These successful circles serve as an antidote to the global problem of solid waste management as the use of natural resources is just not a priority in the production chains. In this video, Santa Luzia shows how this concept can become a part of your business model. By recycling expanded plastics such as polystyrene and polyurethane, the company has already transformed millions of pounds of waste into finishing and coating products. In this way, Santa Luzia contributes to the health of the environment and adds to its welfare by manufacturing and selling high-quality products.


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