Did you fell 100 oak wood trees to build your house?

Let’s find out!

According to The Census Bureau 2015, the average size of an American house is approximately 2600 square feet.

source: https://houzbuzz.com/solid-wood-house-plans/

The construction industry considers an average of 6.3 board feet* as the wood requirement for every square foot of the house. So the average woodwork in a 2600 sq. ft. home would require 16380 board feet of trees.

source: https://www.hallofhomes.com/modern-white-meets-warm-wood-in-this-finnish-apartment/wooden-house-interior-design/

The International ¼-inch rule used by state agencies and the US forest service tells us that 150 board feet is equivalent to an oak wood tree of 16 inch DBH** (diameter at breast height) and 1.5 16-foot logs merchantable height***. One could calculate from here that the average American house has felled more than 100 such oak wood trees during its complete construction.

source: https://www.thriftyfun.com/Selling-Trees-on-My-Land-for-Lumber.html
Estimation of Moldings and Trims

Santa Luzia, based on its experience and product collection, estimates that the average height and thickness of a baseboard are approximately 6 inches and 5/8 inch respectively. You may also check similar size recommendations offered by home décor style guides like Hunker, Kelly Bernier, SFGATE Home Guide etc. for wall moldings and trims.

An industry thumb rule says that for every 1 sq. ft. of the house, baseboards are placed along 0.5 linear feet of it. The empirical factor could vary from 0.3 to 0.7, depending on the house’s requirements. Let’s go ahead with 0.5 as the value for our calculations. So, the quantity of wood baseboards that would be installed in a 2600 sq. ft. home comes out to be,

(2600 x 0.5) ft. x (6/12) ft. x (5/8/12) ft. = 33.85 cubic ft. = 406 board ft.

(inches have been divided by 12 to convert to feet)

Considering the same quantity for a) crown moldings on ceilings and b) wall trims and door casings for the sake of simpler estimation, we get a total of 406 x 3 = ~1200 board ft. – same as up to 8 oak wood trees of 16-inch diameter and 24-inch height, which you would save by buying Santa Luzia’s 0% wood, eco-friendly moldings and trims while still enjoying the wood-like feel and finish they offer.  

You may browse through our wood-like moldings collection here.

* Board footage is the conventional unit used to measure the amount of wood in a tree. 12 board feet = 1 cubic feet.

** DBH is defined as the diameter of the tree 4.5 feet above ground on the uphill side of the tree.

*** Merchantable tree heights are generally estimated to be the height measured from the ground to the point where the trunk diameter tapers to 10 inches or until heavy branching or defects are encountered. They are usually measured in units of 16-foot logs or 8-foot half-logs.

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